Tiactino Epilogue

Until you have read the article Tiactino and arrived at a realization about its subject, please do not read the rest of this epilogue — please stop here.


This epilogue will be short and may seem incomplete. I will not spell things out for you. It's far better if you fill in the blanks yourself.

In the Tiactino article we discussed how we can see the world through a veil of models cobbled together from our memory of our experiences. The world ceases to be fully real to us, though until we wake up to Tiactino we scarcely notice this, or if we do notice we do not consider it significant.

Our models can tell us “facts” that are wrong. We may assume we cannot do certain things, even though we can. We might be operating with restrictions that are years out of date, or weren't accurate in the first place. If our models are used habitually they might never get assessed against reality.

Those are a few of the issues with the mental models we make. Now consider what we do with models other people give to us. Are those your eyes you're seeing through? This is a copy; this is not original.

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