As a Child

“What does it mean to be as a child?” I asked.

“When you are out strolling on a fine day,” he said, “you are in a world of your thoughts about the world. It appears that you have rarely been in the real world since you were a child.”

“That might be so,” I responded.

“One day, perhaps when you are out walking in the sunshine, you will suddenly realize that it is so.”

“And then I will be as a child?”

“Then you will marvel at the realization. It is the same trap.”

“But if I see through that trap?”

“You will congratulate yourself for having seen through it. That, too, is the same trap.”

“Is it even possible to be as a child?”

“Is that something you really, truly want?”

“Yes! Yes, it is.”

“Then no, it is not possible. It is the same trap.”

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