“So who stole the money from the safe?”
“It was Allan. Or Bob.”
“I've been told Carl was also there. Maybe he stole the money.”
“No, that's impossible.”
“How so?”
“Carl wouldn't do something like that.”
“How can you know that?”
“Didn't you see the memo? It says Carl is as honest as the day is long.”
“You mean the memo ... with Carl's signature on it?”
“Yes, that's the one.”
“How can you believe a memo about Carl written by Carl?”
“Didn't you see the other memo? The one that says the first memo is reliable?”
“Who wrote that one?”
“Carl. And since he's as honest as the day is long...”
“How can I possibly judge if that's true? I've never even met Carl!”
“Oh, I've heard he's wonderful.”
“You've never met him either?”
“In a way I have. Just knowing how wonderful Carl is lifts my spirits.”
“Has it occurred to you that maybe Allan or Bob made up Carl?”
“Why would they do that?”
“So they could rob the safe, maybe.”
“Don't be silly. Carl wouldn't let somebody just make him up!”
“But if he doesn't exist...”
“Haven't you seen the memo that explicitly says he does exist?”
“Signed by … Carl?”
“Well, of course! You don't think I'd believe an unsigned memo, do you?”

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