Shave Me From My Self

I am not what I say
I am not what I think
I am not my beliefs
I am a hairless ape

I am not Canadian
In Canada I was born
I am not American
The USA's where I live

I am a hairless ape

I am not a good man
Some might say it's so
I am not a bad man
Sometimes it seems so

I'm just a hairless ape

I am not a liberal
I am not a democrat
I am not a socialist
I am not a communist
I am not an anarchist

I am a hairless ape

I am not a Christian
I am not an atheist
I am not a believing object
Nor am I a skeptic

I am a hairless ape

I believe that what I am is:
I am a hairless ape
I'm not made of my beliefs, however
I'm not a hairless ape

I am not my thoughts
In fact...
I am not my memory
I am not my mind
And yet...

I do recall
From time to time
I can enjoy
A nice banana.


  1. kdelpino wrote:

    Hi Timothy,

    I enjoy your readings and I believe you are right as far I understood. So I ask you a question: if we live of illusion and just looking to the past, if we even don't know what we are so bored about, If are we who give the meaning of evething we see, what is real and how to achieve it?

    I wish you the most goodo luck!!! Thank you very much!

    [Note: I have re-posted this comment under my name because kdelpino left her email address in the comments, which is probably not a good idea on a public web site.]

  2. KDelpino, as the post above suggests, we can still enjoy a nice banana! There are many things in life that we do not understand, or that we misunderstand, or interpret incorrectly. But in the present there are still things we can enjoy.

    In my case, I also enjoy the search for truth, and my interactions with people who are also searching.

    Because of the language barrier — I'm guessing you speak Portuguese — I am not sure I understand everything you are asking. Please feel free to ask some more questions.