Instructional Television Programming

Today I sat in a doctor's waiting room with nothing interesting to do. I'd forgotten to bring a book.

With no other choice, I watched the television. It was mounted high up on the wall, so I couldn't change channels nor, I gather, was I supposed to. It was showing a kids' cartoon.

I haven't seen a kids' cartoon for many decades. I realized that I didn't actually know how they worked, so I watched carefully.

Well, every minute or so the animated character would tell the viewer to get into a certain pose, or clap hands thus, or say such-and-such words, or speak the answer to a puzzle — the correct answer for which was always strongly hinted at. And then the character would look out from the screen, and the show would pause to give sufficient time to carry out the action.

This happened over and over. It was quite mind-numbing. Of course, I'm an adult, and this show wasn't designed for me, was it?

An advertising commercial came on.

I had a sudden urge to go buy that thing.

Now how do you suppose that happened?

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