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——  C L I C K   T O   E N L A R G E  ——

Half the people you meet are below average intelligence.

If you doubt this is true then I have some bad news for you...

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  1. I wonder why you are so sure that the median will coincide with the average. I would agree that in many situations they will be close to each other but the average can be moved arbitrarily by adding outliers.

    1. You are quite right that in certain situations there will be the discrepancy of which you speak. Typically the outliers will tend to be on the high side, since people with extremely low intelligence need supervision and you probably wouldn't meet them.

      In any case, this graphic is not a lesson on math and wasn't intended to be interpreted as such. What it points to is our repeated surprise when people act with lack of intelligence. It's also a sideways jab at the general impression, which many people have, that they are slightly above average intelligence.

      I invite you to ask 100 people if they think their intelligence is below, at, or above average intelligence. I suspect you will find that a clear majority think they're slightly above average.