The War on Drugs and Wombats

Have you ever heard of something called “The War On Drugs”? It's the ongoing battle against the evils of ... well, you know.

By the way, today I learned that former Playboy model and all-around famous person Anne Nicole Smith had died. She was only 39! How did it happen? According to Wikipedia:

“... her death was ruled an accidental drug overdose of the sedative chloral hydrate ... combined with other prescription drugs in her system ...  Klonopin ... Ativan ... Serax ... Valium ... Benadryl ...and Topamax ...”

That does sound accidental, but she really must have been super tense to have loaded up with all that stuff.

The Wikipedia article also reported:

“No illegal drugs were found in her system.”

That's good, right? Imagine the scandal if she'd decided to relax with some cannabis instead of taking all that government-approved stuff.

Oh, wait, it's impossible to overdose on cannabis. Well ... umm ... just say no to drugs, kids. Even the legal ones, apparently.

Y'know what strikes me as weird? This country (USA) has a lot of people shouting that the government needs to get out of our lives. They'd prefer that the government go bomb people overseas or something — anything to keep Big Government off the back of the little guy at home. So, for example, they'll protest publicly against socialized medicine. After all, that sort of thing simply encourages people to get sick, which means that everybody eventually becomes lazy and catches Communism.

Oddly enough, the same people are quick to beg the government to intervene in our lives — to save us from ourselves — when it comes to drugs, abortions, gay marriage and launching wombats with catapults. Actually, I'm against that last one, too. Save the wombats!

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